Friday, January 28, 2005

New roommate

I don't like my new roommate. First of all, he took my bunk, says he needs to be near the door. Second, the guys scares me. He looks like a heart-attack waiting to happen. Now how, with all the medicine and technology we have today, how can someone get in that bad a shape?

He starts moving his stuff in and he's got like suitcases full of these "snack food" things like they sell on Rigel 2. Nasty things, potatoes, cygimna fruit and quartalus rinds all fried in oil and doused with salt. It's no wonder the average life expectancy on Rigel 2 is about 14. His name is Bob Darnell, and his only redeeming factor is that he's from Engineering (Don't Mess With Engineering, Baby!)


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