Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Welcome to Warp, Rookie!

Today I got to be on the giving end of a rookie initiation. We got this guy over from Environmental and they sent him over to me. I showed him one of the cooling tubes and I said "the warp drive has gotten a little too warped. You need to straighten it out."

Man, I ain't never seen anybody that strong. He pushed and pushed on that tube, it must have been an hour. By the time they took him to sick bay, the tube was a whole lot straighter than it had been. Mr. Scott was major-pissed. He made me straighten it out, only I couldn't budge it. It took four of us about 3 hours to finally get it back to something like its original shape.

Turns out, the guy is from a planet with a gravity about 10 times what we have on the Enterprise (which, of course, is set to the Earth-ist level). His bone and muscle structure is incredibly dense. I guess I need another slogan - "Don't mess with Crewman Second-Class Harf Rigbaath, baby!" Although, since he's in Engineering(!) maybe I'm okay.


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