Sunday, February 20, 2005

What a freak

I was in the break room on deck 8 just a few minutes ago, just relaxing, right? So this guy asks me to teach him how to play 3-D chess because he wants to beat Mr. Spock. I tell him that he better find a way to make his ears pointy if he wants to beat Spock. He starts to get a little snippy so I decide to teach him chess anyway. Getting waxed by old green&pointy is just what he deserves.

So I'm in the middle of showing him Kyrrisan's 2-Level Queen trap and the guy gets this weird look and yells "this game is too complicated!" Next thing I know, the pieces are flying across the room. I'm like "Whoa! The gravity plates flickered again! I thought they fixed those!"

So this guy, I think his name is Charlie, starts looking at me with these beady eyes and he says "you shouldn't be here" and I feel all weird. I don't know why but I am sure he's doing it so I run out the door. As I run out, I yell back to him "you're the one that shouldn't be here, you freak!" Man, that musta really set him off.

So I tell my roommate Sam about this guy and he says that Captain Jerk has been treating the kid like his protege. At least that explains why he's such a freak. Sams says that they dumped him off on another ship. I bet it will take years of counseling to undo the Kirk effect.


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