Monday, March 21, 2005

Adding insult to injury

Sandy dumped me.

I can't say I'm all that surprised. She said I was too immature - that I'm like a big kid. I guess I can't fault her. She wants someone who is both emotionally and mentally stable. I think I proved in the last week that I am neither of those things.

I actually had to spend one night in the brig, if you can believe it. They thought about court martialing me, but somehow there was no sensor data proving conclusively that I had been the one to place the anti-matter there. Strangely, there WAS sensor data showing that I had received and anti-matter containment breach warning at my station just seconds before Sartone's "accident". Hmm. I wonder how it got there.

I am still on a week's suspension without pay. On another ship, suspension would mean free time. On the Enterprise, it means I am on cleaning detail. Since I am from Engineering, it means that I am cleaning the OUTSIDE of the hull. Lard-butt tried to have me assigned to cleaning the engine nacelles but Mr. Scott came to my defense, arguing that assigning me to a detail that would guarantee my instant death and complete vaporization would not look good on Captain Fancy-Pants' record.


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