Monday, March 28, 2005

On a clear mind you can see forever

I'm thinking we ought to have some extra security around the transporter room. I was walking by there today when the door suddenly opens and this old guy in a jumpsuit hits me in the neck. Next thing I know, I'm in sick bay trying to get a look at nurse Chapel's cleavage. I look over and the old guy is in the very next bed - in restraints!

I'm like, if you're gonna beam up a guy that needs restraints, maybe you could have a security party in the transporter room to meet him. So anyway, McCoy is pumping the guy full of all these experimental psych drugs trying to get him back to normal. Finally he brings in Spock who starts to do the Vulcan Mind-Meld with the guy.

I had heard of the mind-meld before but I had never seen it. It was eerie. The whole room got quiet. It was like Spock was literally absorbing all the sound. When he got really into it, I reached over and touched him. Immediately my mind felt like it had two additional people there. One was just raving and screaming about having his mind emptied. The other one seemed to waver between a cold, focused stream that was just so clear. It was like a single thought without any distractions. Then it would waver toward this raging torrent of "Shut up, you stupid, pompous windbag! Why don't you keep your mouth and your zipper shut!" I don't know how long I was in contact but it was long enough for me to hear Spock say "Don't mess with Engineering, Baby!" Then he shoved me so hard I flew across the room.

So he goes back to mind-melding with the old guy and when he is done, Spock tells McCoy that Kirk is in danger of having his mind emptied. "Too late" I think, but I keep my mouth shut. They're his buddies, ain't no use picking on him in front of them. After the mind-meld, Spock probably knows what I think of Captain Jerk, anyway.

The old guy is feeling better, now. I think the mind-meld finally brought him around. Turns out he works at a penal colony, and man does he have the dirtiest jokes! He tells me quite a few while we're in sick bay. I heard later that he went back down to the penal colony to keep working. I guess they saved Kirk from having the last two thoughts erased from his brain. Oh well.


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