Monday, March 14, 2005


I wonder if sailors ever tired of watching the sea. For me, I like watching the stars. Sandy and I like to go up to the little observation dome and just lie back and stare. Sometimes we'll just sit there for hours and say nothing. We can project starfields in the engine room, but there's something about being able to watch it for real, not synthesized.

I don't have a new roommate yet, and I'm kinda glad. I didn't room with Sam all that long, but we got a long so well, I just haven't completely gotten over his death. People often think that working for Starfleet is a cushy job where you just fly around to exotic planets and get laid by purple&blue "multi-port" women who can handle several guys at once. The truth is, it can be tough, stressful work, and people die - especially on this ship. Since Captain Jerk took over, the mortality rate in Engineering has soared. I hope someone investigates that one day.


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