Thursday, April 28, 2005

R.I.P. Mr. Teconsoh

I received word from my mother that my fourth grade physics professor, Mr. Teconsoh, passed away recently. He was a really good teacher. He made physics interesting and also a lot of fun. It was because of him that I became an Engineer.

I'll never forget the demonstration where he slowed down light to a speed where we could watch it travel. Then he used a gravity ball to show how gravity bends light. It was really neat.

On the day we did the Shroedinger's Cat experiment, we beamed out the poison capsule and instead beamed in a very sexually-starved tomcat. When we opened the box, the cats were most definitely alive, and in the throes of passion. Mr. Teconsoh let out a huge belly laugh, and continued laughing as he escorted us to the principal's office. He said that was funnier than the time someone beamed a three-headed Pergolan leopard into the box - at least this time nobody lost any limbs.

I remember most his patience and joy. He never got frustrated with our inability to grasp concepts, he just kept throwing them at us in different ways. He never got irritated with our questions. It was obvious to us that he not only loved teaching, but that he loved us as well. Thank you, Mr. Teconsoh.


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