Friday, May 06, 2005

Another in my never ending supply of roommates

Welcome to Kenni's revolving door, Crewman Brad Grant. And Brad, where are you from again? Ah yes, Earth. Of course. How charming.

So Brad turns out to be pretty cool. He splits his shift between security and Warp statistics. Brad comes by every once in a while and takes a lot of measurements. Then he creates these incredible moving holos that represent the warp drive performance. I don't think I have ever thought of statistics as art before, but Brad has a real eye for these things. He picks colors that contrast really well, and then animates the holo with interesting zooms, pans, and morphs. Sometimes he starts with a replica of a part of the warp drive, zooms in on a particular piece, changes its color and then morphs it into the statistical representation of its performance.

Mr. Scott wasn't so impressed. He looked it and said "Ah don need no blaggedeblahblah from a fragghkbredth mathematician to tell me what's wrong with the karrrrfrgghiddy warp drive. Ah can tell wit me own eyes n ears." When it comes to swearing, Mr. Scott must have had his own personal guru. I'm not even sure what he's sayin half the time.

The guys really messed with Brad, too. He asked them for some data and they gave it to him in these really obscure units, like furlong-pounds per solar month. It didn't phase him at all, though. I think he still did the conversions in his head. Now what I want to know is, what is a guy like that doing spending half his time in security?


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