Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Not today, Mr. Spock

So I'm back on the Enterprise, still nursing a hangover and I'm in the deck 8 break room. Mr. Spock wanders by and asks me if I want to play some chess. Normally, I'd take him on. He's hard to beat, but it can be done. Sometimes he can be a little too logical and some unexpected moves can throw him off. Anyway, I'm a little preoccupied because I am watching Captain Jerk's court-martial. Did I mention that? Is that not the most freakin AWESOME thing you have ever heard? Kirk apparently jettisoned some guy during the ion storm when we were still under yellow alert. If it was anybody but Kirk, I'd say that it was a raw deal, because that storm was so bad, the guy would have gotten jettisoned no matter what. Given our usual penchant for red alerts, I'm surprised we weren't at red alert when the ion level got only 10% above nominal!

Anyway, I tell Spock that I'm not in the mood and that maybe he should play the computer, since probably everyone else on the ship is also watching the trial.


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