Monday, May 16, 2005

One fast planet

Today, just before my shift ended, we went into red alert (no big surprise), and the next thing I know, Mr. Scott is pushing us to crank up the warp drive as high as it will go. We're trying all kinds of radical mixes, trying to make it faster. I suggest to Mr. Scott that he puke into the warp drive again. Not a good time for a joke.

We're watching the main screen from the engine room trying to see why we're putting on all this speed and get this: we're being chased by a planet. A freakin' planet!

We turn and really put the speed on, next thing you know, the thing creeps back onto the screen. I glance over at tractor control just to make sure some joker didn't decide to tow the thing. Since we're having so much trouble avoiding the planet, I wonder out loud "Is Kirk steering or something?" That gets a few nervous chuckles.

Things finally calmed down, but I had to stay on shift for a while before we were allowed to stand down. I never found out exactly what happened.


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