Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Too hungover to really party

There was a party for Crewman Woo-Qi, who turned 40 today. Woo-Qi works in computer maintenance and has a lot of fun with it. One time he made it yawn while old lard-butt was doing a log entry. Another time he made it ask Mr. Spock for verification every time Jerk told it something. Woo-Qi almost got in big trouble for that one. One time he made the elevator go to the wrong deck. Jerk ended up barging in on Ensign Patterson while she was getting dressed. That was a prank gone horribly wrong, though, since it.. uhh.. turned out to be not so bad for Jerk.

His best prank, by far, however, is when he changed the holo recorder so that when Jerk transmitted a message to Starfleet Command, the image relayed showed him with his fly open. He never understood why these Admirals kept making comments about the stardock being open. The best was when Adminal Nogura said "there must be a scout ship about to depart".

My head was still swimming from the Altairian Charades, so I didn't feel much like drinking. I chatted with Charica for a while. Woo-Qi made a couple of his stupid jokes before passing out. Something about "How many Vulcans does it take to change a photon-generator? approximately 3.74876341203981230983475634138298632854435098650921873217631"

No, he's not any funnier when he's sober.


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